FASHION FILE | Joan and Joni for Céline and YSL

My favourite photo of Joni          ★ | Paul Starr on Beauty: Conversations with Thirty Celebrated Women iVillage | Celebrities Admit Their Plastic Surgery Regrets ★ | Cameron Crowe > The Rolling Stone Intervew   designKULTUR ★ Fabrice Bana | All About Yves SAINT LAURENT PARIS SAINT LAURENT MUSIC PROJECT JONI MITCHELL JOE DALLESANDRO MARIANNE […]


2015 | Happy New Year from dK!

“San Francisco was one of the original bitmap typefaces for the Apple Macintosh computer. It was designed by Susan Kare to mimic the ransom note effect. An official TrueType version was never made, and San Francisco was rendered obsolete with the arrival of System 7.” — Wikipedia 1984 (above); 2014 (below) Apple | Apple Watch Human Interface Guidelines […]


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