This post in praise of the tiny West Vancouver Museum’s amazing programming that is keeping Mid-Century West Coast Modernism alive and making it accessible to new generations.

Cheers to Darrin Morrison, Curator, and Kiriko Watanabe, Assistant Curator, for seeing the timeless beauty of the mid-century and curating such incredible shows on a shoestring.

The time has come for West Vancouver to provide a new home for this outstanding civic institution. Artist (and West Van resident) Gordon Smith (above; West Coast, 1975, below) agrees.

Here’s wishing for a new museum in West Vancouver — an architectural gem to match the recent flurry of modernism in the district (see below) — in the near future.

Beau Dick, Untitled (pugwis, the sea creature), Red cedar, horse hair, acrylic, feathers, 2009 | 46 cm x 56 x 25 cm, Courtesy Blanket Contemporary Art Gallery

B.C. Binning, A Summer Seascape for Christmas Time, Serigraph, 1951 | 14 cm x 21.6 cm, Gift of the Estate of Jessie Binning

Selwyn Pullan, Frederic Wood Theatre, UBC, 1963, Vancouver |Thompson, Berwick & Pratt

selwyn pullan: positioning the new

photographs from 1945 – 1975

Emily Carr University

Selwyn Pullan, Gardner House, Vancouver, 1960 (Kenneth H. Gardner Architect, 1956-1958)

Battersby Howat Inc, 2005, Bonetti House, West Vancouver, BC

Duncan McNab, Vancouver Aquatic Centre, 1974

Duncan McNab, Gymnasium, Simon Fraser University, BC, 1965

Photo > Joseph B. Leyland, Lions Gate Bridge. Public domain via West Vancouver Archives

Photo > Boecko, Wikimedia Commons

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