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Apologies to Vancouver’s über-reporter, Frances Bula, for giving away the last quote from her latest article in Vancouver magazine, but I feel it sums up nicely the gist of the piece: the extrication of son from “rock star” architect father in the Henriquez architectural dynasty. I also like the bit about business versus poetry.

The city is fortunate to have a reporter of the calibre of Frances Bula. Whether writing for The Globe and Mail, Vancouver magazine, or her own fantabulous blog, The State of Vancouver (link below), Bula’s insights into the minds of the city’s movers and shakers is nonpareil. 

This piece, ostensibly a portrait of a specific (and nowadays, prolific) architect, is also the story of the state of architecture and its related politics in Vancouver, circa 2011.

It’s an insightful piece, full of answers to some of the questions I had about Gregory and his dad. Gregory is, I think, rather candid about it all. 

Highly recommended reading. Happy Father’s Day!




{Note to Vancouver magazine: more architect profiles by Bula, please.}

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Vancouver | Profile of Architect Gregory Henriquez: Gregory Henriquez inherited his architectural zeal from his well-known father. But where Richard designs poetic buildings to suit their location, his son wants to create a more meaningful world. 

Canadian Architect | 2005 RAIC Awards of Excellence — RAIC Gold Medal: Richard Henriquez

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