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Engraved message to earth

Moerenuma Park is a grand landscape boasting a total site area of 189 ha (approximately 467 acres).

This place was once a final waste disposal site.

One late winter day, years ago, a prominent artist set his foot on the lingering snow in this place.

What he saw then was a waterside scenery evocative of a primordial landscape.

Above his head was the dome of the sky, and under his feet the poor old Mother Earth sullied by human beings.

At his first sight of Moerenuma, it was reported that his eyes brightened and his curiosity was aroused.

The man’s name is Isamu Noguchi.

Having travelled around the world in constant search of a frontier, he may have conceivably discovered a place dear to his heart here.

Only nine months after his fateful encounter with this place, Isamu Noguchi went hence, leaving his completed master plan behind.

His lifetime-grandest project conceived for a refuse dump in a northern city the “park designed to be a sculpture in its entirety and a garden of the universe” was finally greeted with its grand opening in July 2005, after 17 long years of tenacious, collaborative efforts by people with common interests and aspirations.

Today, Moerenuma Park is a very popular place visited by over 800,000 people, both local citizens and tourists alike, annually.

Everybody visiting here relishes, after their own fashion, their time being overwhelmed by the daunting scale, perceiving a message inscribed on the earth, or melding themselves into the landscape.

What then, will the park be like 10, 20, and 30 years from now?

I knew from the beginning that it would take thirty years for the garden to mature.

Humans can only do so much. All humans can do is plant a tree thinking it will grow in a certain way.

It wasn’t humans who finished the garden. Nature did that all by itself.

By Isamu Noguchi

The future of the park is actually put in the hands of all of us in gathering here.

It is the homework that Isamu Noguchi has left for us to do.

Moere Fan Club

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★ Moere Fan Club | Fact Sheet – English PDF


Moerenuma Park | Designed by Isamu Nouchi [English]

Archives of American Art | Portrait of Isamu Noguchi by Mimi Jacobs, 1973

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