ARCHITECTURE + GRAPHIC ARTS | »Oscar Niemeyer: Monumental Modernism« :: Posters for Los Angeles by Ray Dang

A series of gorgeous posters featuring three of Niemeyer’s most iconic buildings: the Copan, Brasília’s cathedral, and my favourite Niemeyer — Brazil’s presidential palace (o Palacio da Alvarado).

I love how the photographs of these miniatures look as if they had been ever so gently massaged to erase extraneous detail in order to highlight the essence of the structures. The artist’s choice of typeface and shade of grey are spot-on and the contextual photos are works of art themselves.

Graphic artist Ray Dang is an Angeleño who works as an Environmental Graphic Designer for the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro). He’s a wayfinding expert with considerable talent as a logo designer.

I especially like his concept for an arfid identifier:

Visit his website, below, for more good stuff.

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