FASHION + SOCIAL CONTRACTS | Forum Jeans :: »A Camisa do Brasil/The Shirt of Brazil« Campaign, Summer 2003

»Actress Leticia Spiller wears the shirt of solidarity and calls for respect«

A couple of days after writing my post about Forum Jeans’ “Help Clean Brazil” campaign …

… it dawned on me that I had a T-Shirt from Forum that I bought in São Paulo back in ’03. I’ve been wearing it all these years and didn’t realize it was from this company with a social conscience and agenda.

I remember seeing billboards in every city we visited during that trip in 2003 exhorting us to purchase “A Camisa do Brasil.” But try to find one …

I loved the ad campaign and the shirt itself with its simple typography and potent message for a country l love but which lacks a strong social contract amongst its 190+ million citizens.

For weeks we were on a mission to buy The Shirt of Brazil, with no luck. The figas we’d bought in Rio weren’t working:

Eventually we found ourselves in São Paulo where we stayed at the Hilton because it had rooms and a pool overlooking Niemeyer’s seminal Edíficio Copan (1957-66):

The hotel has since closed, victim of the »Crackolândia« reputation the neighbourhood had acquired, but back then it offered complimentary shuttle bus service to the relatively nearby (and extremely upscale) Shopping Pátio Higienópoilis. (I love how malls in Brazil all seem to begin with the word “Shopping”.)

I also love anything free when I’m travelling, so it wasn’t long before we were in that van and headed off to explore … a mall (for the record, I dislike shopping and disdain malls).

The Pátio, however, seemed like a prime candidate for a store that might sell the coveted shirt and, on the top floor of the mall, there they were — an entire window of ’em.

I bashed in to inquire and was frankly taken aback by the asking price: R$49,00 (I wasn’t the only one; see below). But, after some hemming and hawing (“It was for a good cause, right?”), I caved in (buying one had become a mission by then) and I’m glad I did. The quality is superb and it’s lasted a long time for a T-shirt.

And, it’s not every day that I can drag a piece of clothing from my humble wardrobe and showcase it to the world on my blog.

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