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One of Laurent Seroussi’s photographs for a campaign by Brazilian jeans empire, Forum, struck me as a little déjà vu-y. Then I remembered it was similar to a shot from National Geographic (above) taken in 1987, shortly after military rule had finished its decades long run.

This 5-ad billboard, magazine, major newspapers, and poster campaign (created by advertising agency AlmapBBDO) is certainly different from Forum’s usual bodies-on-the-beach advertising:

But it’s part of this clothing retailer’s secondary agenda to address Brazil’s lack of ethics and morals in government and society.

Forum wants to show that Brazil now has the confidence to become a conscientious and conscious society. They seem especially keen on calling for government transparency and accountability (who wouldn’t like to kick a few politicians’ butts, kung-fu style? Ay-yah!).

This is civic propaganda dressed up in sexy bodies to sell jeans. Leni would be proud!

I especially like the couple (models Jeisa Chiminazzo and Alexis Vina) with 3 washing machines washing the dirt out of the Brazilian flag:

These 2 textless campaigns are edgy and hot and political, an interesting combination for a clothing retailer.

Fashion advertising with a strong social message is fairly rare (I think of Kenneth Cole and then draw a blank). This campaign is contemporary and universal. And stylish. Well done!

Here’s my National Geographic/Forum mash-up contribution to getting the dirt out, no matter which country we live in:

Ficha Técnica

Anunciante: Forum

Título: Forum Jeans

Produto: Jeanswear

Diretor de Criação: Marcello Serpa

Diretor de Arte: Marcello Serpa

Fotógrafo: Laurent Seroussi/Flair

Produtor Gráfico: José Roberto Bezerra

Atendimento: Fico Meirelles, Cristina Chacon

Mídia: Cyntia Galichio

Aprovação: Tufi Duek

designKULTUR |BRASÍLIA 50 ANOS | Cleaning Niemeyer’s National Congress Building Two Years After the Return of Civilian Government, 1987

Sandra Souza + Christiane Santarelli | Publicidade visual: uma proposta de percurso analítico da imagem persuasiva (in Portuguese) PDF

Christiane Paula Godinho Santarelli | Processos de análise da imagem gráfica: um estudo comparativo da publicidade de moda (in Portuguese) PDF

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