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In a previous post (below) I questioned the sanity of the world’s oldest living communist architect giving his imprimatur to chocolates that look like Le Corbusier chaise longues and cost a small fortune. Rus Mayer tore a strip off of Oscar and called the whole affair (along with Frank Gehry’s jewelry for Tiffany’s) a big “yuck.” So much for architect-designed doodads.

Months later, along comes a video em Português from Gusmão (link, below) that explains how Samantha Aquim (above) and her family @ Aquim Gastronomia transform the humble cocoa bean into a luxe boxed set of 70% cocoa designer chocolates, complete with their own wooden box, gold plated serving utensil, and owner’s manual.

It may still be somewhat yucky, but if you look at molding those chocolates as somehow akin to how Niemeyer molds his concrete, then it kind of makes sense.

★ blogdogusmão | Cacau Gourmet e Chocolate com assinatura de Oscar Niemeyer

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