MUSIC | NeoSoul Artiste M.I.A. (Last Seen 2003) :: Remy Shand (+ Marvin Gaye)

… and then fell off the face of planet, it seems. A one-album wonder.

This brilliant home-schooled, self-taught, self-produced singer-songwriter musician extraordinaire teased us with his genius on The Way I Feel.

After its release it peaked at #18 on the R&B charts and went gold in the US. It debuted at #1 in Canada and went platinum there as well. The album was nominated for 4 Grammys: best male R&B vocal performance, “Take a Message”; best traditional R&B vocal performance, “Rocksteady”; best R&B song, “Take a Message”; and best R&B album. “The Way I Feel”.

– WheresRemyShand?

His music makes me feel happy and in the grove, and this is my tribute to his special take on NeoSoul. Thanks, Remy!

The beautiful ex, Maiko Watson PHOTO > Rebecca Sandulak

Remy Shand – LIVE in Milan (2002)

1. Rocksteady

2. Liberate

3. The Colour of Day

4. Take a Message

5. The Mind’s Eye

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