BRASÍLIA 50 ANOS | The City of the Future as Seen in »domus« Magazine, 1966

Testo alternativo Immagine In the Plaza of the Three Powers, the Palacio do Planalto, or Government Palace, houses the offices of the President of the Republic

Testo alternativo Immagine The Alvorada, the President’s home, rises dear of the ground; its two stories are gathered into a single huge volume, between two horizontal suspended slabs. Inside the building, the first floor opens as a gallery on two “golden” entrance hall

As a kid, finding a copy of multilingual domus magazine from Italy was better than finding porn.

domus is the classiest architecture and design magazines ever.

Gio Pointi (below) started it all back in 1928 and the digital domus archives of today are keeping the architectural past alive.

Click the link below for more gorgeous domus images of Brasília from ’66.

domus | from the archive > Images of Brasília 1966

Le Figaro Madame | Domus Maximus

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