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What a find! The Alvorada is my favourite Niemeyer and this previously unpublished (and extremely beautiful) work by the architect features the palace’s columns … as ruins. What a visionary architect!

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Brasília exposure: Brasília: síntese das artes/Synthesis of the Arts

The UNB was born in 1962, two years after Brasília. Some say the capital has only got its soul after the establishment of the university, especially after the inauguration of the Central Institute of Arts (ICA).

Inspired by the creative spirit that has made the artistic thinking in the city, curator Denise Mattar has paid tribute to 50 years of the new capital Brasilia in the exhibition Brasília: Synthesis of the Arts. The exhibition includes photographs, sculptures, paintings, installations and poetry by artists who are part of history such as Oscar Niemeyer and Athos Bulcão. The works were reproduced in a catalog, released on Monday, June 14 [2010].

One of the pieces is an unpublished, unprecedented painting by Oscar Niemeyer. The framework for the design was inspired by the comment of French art critic Andre Malraux. When he visited Brasília in 1959, he spoke about the beautiful ruins that Brasília would make. “The columns of the Alvorada are the most important architecture since the Greek columns,” Malraux said on the occasion.

The exhibition was inaugurated on April 20 and runs through June 27 [2010] at the Centro Cultural Banco do Brazil (CCBB). Denise Mattar, curator of the exhibition, said the catalog is a true synthesis of the arts. “It’s a portrait of Brasilia over the past 50 years,” she says.

– From the Department of Communication at UNB

FOTO > Marcel Gautherot/IMS

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