ARCHITECTS | Oscar’s French Connection :: Photos by Ludovic Lent for L’Express + Other Niemeyer Stories

I’ve always liked Niemeyer’s French connection, and I think the French have honoured and respected the architect through the decades since he decamped there during Brazil’s long military dictatorship.

For his 103rd birthday, L’Express (what a great logo!) pulled together a nice package online to celebrate Oscar’s amazing achievement. (The interview on the eve of his 100 birthday is memorable.)

Below are the three pieces to the tribute:

PHOTTOS > Communist Party of France HQ (1980) , AFP / Daniel Janin + Woman’s shadow on cobblestone street by John Livzey

L’Express | BRIEF > The architect Oscar Niemeyer celebrates 103 years

L’Express | INTERVIEW (2007) > Oscar Niemeyer: I always try to “invent”

L’Express | SLIDESHOW LANDSCAPE > Around the world creations of Oscar Niemeyer

designKULTUR | FASHION + ARCHITECTURE | The Space Age Lives! :: Thom Browne ::: Spring-Summer 2011 @ Oscar Niemeyer’s PCF HQ In Paris

designKULTUR | ARCHITECTS | Copacabana 2007.12.12 :: Oscar Niemeyer Becomes a »Grand Commander of the Legion of Honour«


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