ARCHITECTS | Oscar Niemeyer 103 :: Registration Card from the National School of Fine Arts, 1934

Blogger Maranhão Viegas found Oscar’s registration card from Rio’s Escola Nacional de Belas Artes, dated 1934, and makes the astute observation that the school was a turning point in Niemeyer’s life.

The late, great Lúcio Costa, the Escola’s director — and future planner of Brasília — fostered his love of architecture. It was Costa who gave Niemeyer entrée in the worlds of Le Corbusier and the other great thinkers of the time who journeyed to Brazil.

The school was also where some of Niemeyer’s great friendships — and professional alliances — with the other Brazilian mid-century Tropical Modernists like Roberto Burle Marx, began.

On a profound level, what happened personality-wise at the school changed Niemeyer from a self-declared “lazy youth” into the world’s oldest architect, still incredibly productive and articulate at 103.

Niemeyer and Costa, Rio de Janeiro, 1950s

Le Corbusier and Niemeyer, Brasília, ca. 1960

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