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It’s hard to believe today but, when expo 67 closed its gates for good, the Government of Canada had a hard time offloading Moshe Safdie’s Habitat 67 apartments. “Too far from the city centre” and “Too cold on the riverfront in the winter” were two common responses from potential buyers of Habitat 67’s 354 cubes.

Eventually, connoisseurs of the contemporary bought the suites and, in 1985, the Canadian Housing and Mortgage Corporation sold the complex to its owners. (I wonder if Safdie still owns the apartments he bought).

The Globe and Mail wisely chose this City of the Future for its “Pretty in Parkas” spread in its revamped Style section.

Safdie’s semi-enclosed walkways do look a little dark and gloomy and cold in this intriguing photo shoot from Leda & St. Jacques (“les meilleurs photographes de mode au Canada,” according to their website).

Fashion always looks good in architectural settings — if you don’t like the clothes, there’s always the buildings for your consideration.

Here’s hoping the Globe features more of Canada’s mid-century modern architectural heritage in upcoming fashion features.

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