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In the (hush, hush) world of Apple news (where the reveal is what counts), the news today from Arch Daily via Spain’s el Economista is that Apple is teaming with Foster + Partners to design a new “City of the Future” in Cupertino, California.

The team makes perfect sense: Norman Foster (oops, I mean Baron Foster of Thames Bank) is the leading futurist amongst the current crop of architects and Apple is known for, well, their design.

The AppleFolk in Cupertino are working in spaces designed for 1984 (click on the maps below to get an idea of the current state of affairs at 1 Infinite Loop and its satellite “campuses”).

Foster + Partners will give ’em something awe-inspiring to go along with their company’s leading edge spirit.




Apple has purchased bits of land (including, recently, some of HP’s) surrounding its campuses in Cupertino in anticipation of this major redevelopment.




Foster is currently engaged in designing and building the world’s first eco-friendly city, Masdar* City, on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (*مصدر‎, maṣdar, literally source) for the Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company.

This is a car-free, carbon-neutral vision of the future that’s flown under the radar of the mainstream media.

Environmentally and conceptually, Masdar City is the anti-Dubai.

PHOTO > © Nigel Young, Foster + Partners

Car free? Well, not quite. This future has self-driving EVs:

What a departure from the 1950s’ version of the future: Brasília was planned with the auto utmost in mind.

PHOTO > Nicolau Drey




What a difference half a century makes in our way of seeing.

With Apple City, the company will burnish its envirocredentials. As Google Translate translates it:

ElEconomista has been told by sources familiar with the situation, the future headquarters of the company Steve Jobs care especially environmental issues, to the point that the entire road transport transit through a network of tunnels that will clear the surface areas green. The buildings which will house the engineers and R & D will also be multifunctional and will incorporate cutting-edge technology in materials and equipment as well as renewable energy resources.







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