BRASÍLIA 50 ANOS | Artefacts from the Future :: 5 Sketches by Lúcio Costa

Outline of the Pilot Plan of Brasilia made by Lúcio Costa in December 1956 aboard the ship Jachal River, when the architect came back from New York, United States, to Brazil

Original surfboard design of the Pilot Plan of Brasilia by the architect Lúcio Costa in 1957, which won the tender for the construction of Brasilia

Plan for Brasília, authored by Lúcio Costa

Draft of a superblock/superquadra by the architect Lúcio Costa, author of the urban plan for the new capital of Brazil chosen on 15 March 1957 amongst 41 competitors
Study for the Plaza of Three Powers/Praça dos Três Poderes
Lúcio Costa | Brasilia, 1957 at the start of construction of the new federal capital
SOURCE > UOL Fotos: Brasília completa 50 anos

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