INDUSTRIAL DESIGN | Braun 1 :: Clock Wallpaper ::: Jonathan Mutch, 2010

Clock Wallpaper by Jonathan Mutch, Flickr

Part of a motion graphics class project I made into a desktop wallpaper.

Original design by Dietrich Lubs & Dieter Rams.

Also, I’d love to make this into a screensaver.

I serendipitously discovered Jonathan Mutch’s amazing photostream on Flickr today. This is a talented graphic artist with a strong sense of style.

Anyone who loves design probably loves Braun (“Brown” to you) industrial design (at least the way things were before Gillette and P&G in turn bought the company).

One of the first things I purchased when I moved out of my parents’ home was the Braun “Kitchen Machine” (what a name — how Le Corbusier!). I wasn’t a cook, but I knew that that machine would someone mark me as design connoisseur.

A few years later I purchased the iconic alarm clock featured in this post. Its simplicity makes it design classic that looks great in any situation.

Can a timepiece be timeless? If Braun designed it under Dieter Rams’s direction, the answer is an unequivocal “Yes!”

So, when I wrote to Jonathan and told him I loved his school project but was disappointed that I couldn’t feature it on designKULTUR because of copyright, he kindly changed his settings to allow his work to be featured here.

In his description of this work, Jonathan wrote that he’d like to turn his work into a screensaver. I’d love it if he did. Meanwhile, I’m using it as my desktop wallpaper and loving it! Thanks, Jon!

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