ARCHITECTURE + VIDEOS | »Oscar Niemeyer – (2010) – Auditorium (Ravello – Italy)« by Franco Di Capua

I wasn’t sure what to make of Niemeyer’s Auditorum in Ravello, Italy, when it first debuted in 2000.

All the photos I’ve seen reminded me of Oscar’s arguably worst work, his giant eye (aka the Museu Oscar Niemeyer) in Brazil’s bastion of progress, Curitiba:

Museu Oscar Niemeyer by Morio, Wikimedia Commons




All of my worries flew out the window this week when I first viewed Franco Di Capua’s magnificent short film on the auditorium.

Franco knows what’s he’s doing production-wise (he’s even got Oscar’s sinuous lines curving throughout his impressive imagery of the alien structure on the Amalfi Coast).

The music is gorgeous and the editing superb. And the dog and Niemeyer quote at the end rock!

Franco has created a work of art in its own right as a testament to the world’s oldest living architect and one of his more stunning European works, a piece of Brazil overlooking the Mediterranean. Bravo!

Photos (except Museu Oscar Niemeyer) > from the video by Franco Di Capua Brussels demands answers as Italy’s new €16m concert hall stays silent

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