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The press conferences at Oscar Niemeyer’s Copacabana Beach office (the double penthouse atop the “Mae West,” below) continue.

In September, the Spanish Minister of Culture (next to Niemeyer, below) flew in to Rio to present the architect with the Spanish Order of Arts and Letters:

This month it was Pelé’s turn.

The 70-year-old soccer giant showed up on Avenida Atlântica with Joao Paulo Tavares Papa, the Mayor of Santos, to announce, with Oscar, the launch of his eponymous museum and monument.

The press were on hand Thursday, 4 November 2010 to record the event.

Pelé told them that he’d received many requests from cities around the world wanting to showcase his collection of 3000+ personal artefacts, but chose Santos because that was where his career began.


The monument looks a bit tacky in the poster the duo presented to the press (below), but we’ll see.

Those look like Marcel Breuer Wassily chairs in the rendering of the “orb’s” interior. And those doors?:

Not many details have been made available, but the complex should be ready by 2012 (good luck!) and definitely open in 2014 when Brazil hosts the World Cup.

The museum will be divided into three areas occupying more than three thousand square metres in Santos’ historic city centre (it’ll be quite the juxtaposition, I’m sure). The project forms part of the city’s proposed revitalization projects before the World Cup.


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The 70-year-old Brazilian legend and Brazilian Viagra spokesperson  …

… kissed the hand of  the 102-(103 next month)-year-old architect as they officially announced the plans for the new museum and monument. A sweet moment between Brazil’s top athlete and foremost architect.


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