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In my opinionated opinion, »Fuck Yeah Brasília« is the best source for contemporary photos of Brazil’s Capital of Hope. Luiz and Isabella run the show and a big Thank You! to them is in order.

FYB had a facelift (»plastica! «) on 5 November 2010. Here’s my verdict:

Let’s start with the logo (above), since that’s a new concept for this Tumblog’s ID. I like it! Using the Juscelino Kubitschek Memorial as the brand’s image makes sense.

For the dream that became Brasília was due to President JK’s unthwarted ambition to get the City of the Future built within the confines of his 5-year-term (»50 Years of Progress in 5« was his electioneering mantra).

And the people believed him and this amazing human-made artefact sprung up in the middle of an empty planalto at incredible speed.

Niemeyer + JK




When it came time to erect a memorial to the man, Brasília’s masterarchitect, Oscar Niemeyer, responded by creating a womblike memorial topped by the image you seen in FYB’s new look.

JK waving to his adoring Candangos.

That made sense. But that curvy thing sheltering the man? And the stick it was on?

Some seeing the memorial see a strong resemblance to its design and the old hammer and sickle of Communist-era logos. Niemeyer — the platonic Communist —disingenuously I always thought, disavowed the connection.

Whatever. The memorial is another Niemeyer artefact from the future. This one, ostensibly to highlight the highlights of the former President’s career, showcases Oscar’s furniture designs as much as the man who envisioned the city. The memorial is ultra-modern and ultra-stylish.

Fuck Yeah Brasília’s old design (below) was cool. Every time I saw it I thought of Klaatu descending the ramp (an Oscar trademark) of his spacecraft in the original The Day the Earth Stood Still.

It was a strong image for the Tumblog, but the new one is much clearer and stronger; it unites the brand and the images that make the microblog so great as a resource for all things Brasíliense. The new typeface is assertive and the accent on the “i” is squeezed in nicely (olé!):

Plus, navigating around the site seems easier and the type much easier to read (version 1.0 was all caps). What’s missing? An About page would help a lot. Otherwise, well done!

My only question is: what is the image underlay behind the logo? If I zoom in it looks like a photo of a pedestrian path, perhaps in one of Brasília’s superquadras?

It’s always nice to see “already great” designs become “truly great” ones. Congrats Luiz + Isabella!

A estátua de JK após a anunciação do Brasil como sede da Copa do Mundo de Futebol de 2014.

Photos > Top: Jorge Morais Bottom: Agência Brasil

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