PHOTOGRAPHY | Oscar Niemeyer’s »Flor do Cerrado« by Eduardo Aigner

Okay. So the new digital TV tower was supposed to open in time for Brasília’s 50th birthday bash on 21 April 2010. It didn’t.

Then the official news from the Capital of Hope was that it was to be completed in October.

It’s now November and my newsfeeds have had absolutely no new word on Niemeyer’s Flor do Cerrado — this amazing sculpture cum observation tower cum broadcasting tower on the savannah in Brasília.

So I decided to ask my friends, Luiz and Isabella, over on their Tumblog, »Fuck Yeah Brasilia,« what was up. Luiz responded that, yes, it was supposed to be ready in October, but that it wasn’t, “Probably because of Brazil’s elections.”

Well, there’s nothing like elections to stir things up, especially if the Architect of Brazil gets involved and publicly campaigns for Lula’s chosen candidate to replace himself as president, Dilma Rousseff.

Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for press images announcing the opening of this audacious work on the planalto. Workers of Brasília: get back to work! Back in the late ’50s, candangos built the entire city in less than four years!




Which brings us to Eduardo Aigner’s amazing photo of the audacious thing under construction. I love how the tower’s tree-like scaffolding echoes the spindly savannah trees framing this bizarre creation from Niemeyer’s mind. Well done, Eduardo!

Foto > “Construcao da futura torre de TV digital de Brasilia. Projeto do arquiteto Oscar Niemeyer.” by Eduardo Aigner, Flickr


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