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Honestino Guimarães Museum of the Republic: an ice-cream seller wheels past the elliptical canopy of the museum with the National Library in the background

Photo > Duccio Malagamba




I like Malagamba’s take on Brasília — that its vibe is different from Brazil’s coastal cities and that its discernible middle class, perhaps unique to the country, make it a special place.

This is an essay about space and how Brasília, the middle of nowheresville a mere half century ago, seems immensely vast and open when viewed through European eyes.

I think, however, that Malagamba overstates his case when he claims that it can take a quarter of an hour to cross the Monumental Axis. He must have been lollygagging, taking in the wondrous vistas of the Capital of Hope.





\\\ As the city of Brasilia turns 50, photographer and writer Duccio Malagamba captures the everyday life of this super-scaled utopia




From the That’s why it’s called Monumental Department:

The Axis/Eixo Monumental before the buildings, ca. 1956

One of the first drawings of Lúcio Costa’s Plan Piloto

Plan Piloto

British Embassy Monumental Axis map

Eixo Monumental em Brasília DF

Praça dos Três Poderes na cidade de Brasília capital do Brasil

Mochileiro descobrindo Brasil Images

ar 2009 | Duccio Malagamba navigates the vast lengths and breadths of Brasilia

ar 2009 | Duccio Malagamba navigates the vast lengths and breadths of Brasilia PDF

ar 1959 | »Brasília« by J.M. Richards


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