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This is a real find from ar in 1959 by J.M. Richards. His bio states:

J. M. Richards

James Maude Richards was born at Epsom, Surrey, in 1907. Educated at Cambridge University, he trained as an architect at the Architectural Association, but his main career was as a writer on architecture. He served as AR editor from 1937 to 1971.

J. M. Richards in AR People

He was also on the jury that chose Lúcio Costa’s Plan Piloto as the form for Brasília’s unique and extraordinary urban design.

So his return to the planalto in ’59 to check out the Brazilians’ progress is noteworthy. Thanks, ar!

Compare Richards with Pulitzer-Prize-winning poet Elizabeth Bishop’s take on still-under-construction Brasília, also from 1959:

Bye Bye Bahia, Bye Bye Rio : The Dawn of the New Approaches 21 April 1960

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