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If you’re anywhere near a hotel in Rio, it’s only a matter of time before you receive an invitation to visit an H. Stern store, transportation complimentary. Or you can just phone a store and they’ll be pleased to come pick you up. (I once read a story about a man who saved on cab fare by calling the H. Stern store nearest his destination whenever he went out. He paid nothing for taxis, but wound up buying his girlfriend a very expensive ring.) The store in Ipanema is the world headquarters. Specializing in precious and semiprecious stones, the company also owns mines and polishing shops, guaranteeing the quality of their products from start to finish.


The evolution of a brand: the original; the 1967 clean-up; Neville Brody’s 2001 rethink.

I especially like Brody’s “S” – it’s so sinuous, slinky, and sexy. With the exaggerated period, it’s timeless.

*crappy website (message to Roberto Stern: time to invite Neville back for a rethink)

Roberto + Hans, back in the day

Hans Stern (October 1, 1922 – October 26, 2007): 17-year-old empire founder sitting on Rio’s iconic Calçadão de Copacabana shortly after fleeing Nazi Germany in 1939

Foto > H. Stern Archives

Copacabana, 1939

Joalheria H. Stern na Avenida Rio Branco, no Rio de Janeiro


H. Stern Gem Museum } Garcia D’Avila, 113, Ipanema, State of Rio de Janeiro 22421-010, Brazil. ✆ 55-21-2106-0000

Curiously enough, H. Stern has more prestige abroad than at home, in Brazil. Perhaps it’s the name, with its foreign aura that does not initially advertise the nationality of the company. H. Stern, however, has been selling “Brazilianess” all over the planet for more than than 40 years, and on a scale that very few other brands can match.

Not many people will know this, but H. Stern has pursued innovation from the beginning. It was a pioneer in creating stylish jewelry from Brazilian stones. In 1983, Stern built its global headquarters in Ipanema; it was the first building in the world to have all the segments involved in jewelry manufacturing under one roof. But this wasn’t enough so Stern created its Noble Gold, a yellow and white gold alloy, and the exclusively Stern Star diamond cut. More recently, it had guest personalities sign collection, which succeeded in lending character and new differentials to the whole universe of desire expressed by the H. Stern brand.

The great paradox is that it became an international brand rather than a Brazilian brand. The natural order of things has been subverted, so to speak. It was the appreciation H. Stern received in other countries that raised the brand to the global position it now occupies so comfortably.

H. Stern 推出了最新的珠宝系列

In addition to the numbers that confirm this theory — exports account for 54 percent of its revenues — there is the recognition. Actresses such as Angelina Jolie, Eva Longoria and Sandra Bullock wear H. Stern at the Oscars and Emmys and its campaigns feature the world’s top stars. With 80 stores, and points of sale spread across 12 countries, it is a globally renowned brand.

In Brazil, however, the jeweler is not treated with the same generosity or recognized to the same extent. In this sense, perhaps we are still paying the price. After years of suffering from an inferiority complex for feeling like a nation unable to make luxury items, we finally have one of our own. Unfortunately, it seems we aren’t in the habit of appreciating our own brands.

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