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I was trolling for images of Athos Bulcão’s mosaics to illustrate another post, and it occurred to me that the Google images results pages for a search on “Athos Bulcão” resembled an Athos mosaic, like the one he created to adorn Oscar Niemeyer’s sensuous apartment building in Belo Horizonte (1960) …

… or the blocks he stuck on the sloping façades of Niemeyer’s Teatro Nacional Cláudio Santoro in Brasília (1966-1981):

Athos Bulcão (2 July 1918 – 31 July 2008) was a pioneer of Brasília. An unsung hero. His work surrounds the middle class of Brasília. His tile mosaics adorn their Superquadras, offices, and entertainment hangouts.

In the mid-fifties, at the height of modernism, Oscar Niemeyer brought Bulcão to the site of the City of the Future and in 1958 Bulcão moved permanently to the Brazilian capital. (Unlike the Three Musketeers of Brasília: urban planner Lúcio Costa; architect Niemeyer; and landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx, each of whom preferred the comforts of the coast and rarely if ever made trips to the Capital of Hope they had created.)

Bulcão’s work, which integrates art and architecture (a central tenet of modernism), can be found in more than 200 buildings throughout the Distrito Federal, including the little Church of Our Lady of Fatima, the Palace of the Foreign Ministry, the National Congress buildings, the University of Brasilia (UnB), and the National Theatre.


Brasília wouldn’t be Brasília without the works of Athos Bulcão.





Igrejinha de Nossa Senhora de Fátima, 1957

Sede da Interlegis, 1960

Painel em azulejos de Athos Bulcão no Palácio Itamaraty, em Brasília. Foto > Divulgação

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