BRASÍLIA 50 ANOS | Recommend This: Tumblog :: »Fuck Yeah Brasília«

Brasília, Distrito Federal, 20 August 2010 | Photo > Saulo Cruz, Flickr

I stumbled across »Fuck Yeah Brasília« serendipitously about a month ago and have been meaning to blog about it and tell you to subscribe! Now!

It was today’s amazing photo (above), by Saulo Cruz, that motivated me finally spread the word about »FYB« and its collaborative look at one of the planet’s most fascinating cities.

Saulo’s composition is timeless; a classic shot of a classic piece of art.

I love the public art in Brasília, the sculpture in particular, and this piece — “Justice” by Ceschiatti — is one of my favourites. I’ve never seen it photographed like this (compare it with Stuckert’s classic shot, below). Thanks, Saulo!

As someone rather obsessed about Oscar Niemeyer and, in particular, his Brasília phase, this Tumblog with the irreverent name offers a new perspective on the only 20th-century city on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

I love the classic, early 60s-when-things-were-brand-spanking-new photos of Brasília. This Tumblog is like a real time, this-is-Brasília-now, reality check on many of my mental pictures of the city and its citizens.

Get on board and subscribe; a daily trip to Brasília via »Fuck Yeah Brasília« is a good way to connect with the people of Brasília as they celebrates their unique city’s first half century. Thanks Luiz and Isabella!


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