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I was about to finally toss these five-year-old (!) condiment bottles from Brasíl.

Then it occurred to me that, like a lot of things Brazilian, they were rather sexy and Oscar Niemeyer-esque in a way.

So, rather than throwing them out, I decided to photograph them for posterity.

And then I went online to my favorite Brazilian supermercado, Pão de Açucar, to see if these bottles were still for sale.

(I couldn’t find the ketchup, but I did find the mostarda Pic Hellmans bottle).

What really intrigued me when I went online was Pão de Açucar’s makeover, which the company launched on 16 July 2010 and will cost a bundle (U.S. $ 3.3 million) to roll out across Brazil.

It’s Pão de Açucar’s sixth makeover in six decades. That’s a lot of changing.

The current “old” design is distinctly Brazilian. The watermelons and assorted fruit on the exterior signage of many stores is too Carmen Miranda for today’s digital world. The new logo is a lot more contemporary and business-like. (The website is great, too).

Retaining, the twin loaves as the Sugarloaf mark was a no-brainer. I think the refreshed logo really works well, especially in applications (see the extraordinary black and white Niemeyer-esque carrier bag, below).

The loaves are now a lot sexier, too.

Mario Amaya (below) says that the jelly bubble thing is passé, but in this case I think it works and extends the jelly thing as a graphic device for a few more years. I especially like the colours in the new mark.

They give the store a fresh, GREEN look (here’s their extremely tasteful and chic “enviro” reusable shopping bag):

The typeface of the new logo may be debatable, but overall, designKULTUR is giving this corporate I.D. a star.

This is a rare project that I like from the rather mediocre FutureBrand (a design office based in London and linked to the advertising agency McCann-Erickson), a company that I particularly dislike because of their on-the-fly quickie makeover for Air Canada whilst that company was coming through bankruptcy protection. That’s a redo that won’t last:

But I do like this job for this major Brazilian retailer. I can’t wait to hop on an Air Canada jet and head south to take a look as the remake progresses.

above: Old; below: New, Improved! (and “greener”, too!)

The catsup/mostarda chase through cyberspace:

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