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  1. I worked for CNR at Portmann, now known as Thorton Yard in Surrey B.C. from 1975 to half way through 1979, 4 1/2 years. The money I paid into the pension, do I qualify to get that back? I would appreciate any information. Thank you.

  2. I workedfor theCNR from approximately autumn of 1964 (mostly at Macmillan Yards office) until summer of 1971 (left North bay sales office under fred Rhiem). I am not sure if my pension was vested; I forgot all about it and I am now retired for several years (72 years old). Could you let me know if I have any pension entitlement?t

  3. My dad worked with the CNR from 1941 till 1963 and never got a pension. Should he have not received one?

    1. I think the Company Pension was voluntary (you could opt out) until the early or mid-sixties; but I could be wrong. If so; and he did not sign up, he would not be entitled.

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