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I’ve often wondered how Oscar Niemeyer — at 102, the world’s oldest living Communist architect — reconciles his politics with his architectural reality. After all, he is for the little guy, yet designs for the élite. (His never-built home in the Israeli desert for a Rothschild (1965) grabbed my attention in Alan Hess’s superb Oscar Niemeyer Houses).

Then, surfing serendipitously, I stumbled upon Dimitri Camiloto’s intriguing website that analyzes pretty much Niemeyer’s entire career through the lens of astrology. Check it out — it’s fascinating and has great visuals and all the relevant heavenly charts to explain the who and why of Oscar.

Niemeyer with a photo of Luiz Carlos Prestes, the ‘Knight of Hope,’ in his Copacabana office

1945: membership in the PCB (Communist Party of Brazil)

Headquarters of the French Communist Party, Paris (1967)

JK Memorial, Brasília (1980)


Niemeyer, his new wife and former secretary, Vera Lúcia, his only daughter, Anna Maria (older than the wife, by the way), and two other members of his family

Dimitri Camiloto | Oscar Niemeyer, 100 Years: Introduction

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Dimitri Camiloto | Oscar Niemeyer, 100 Years: Part II

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