Museu Nacional Honestino Guimarães, Brasília (inaugurated on the architect’s birthday, 15 December 2006)

Photo > Mario Roberto Duran Ortiz

Latin America’s largest “watch” | Brasília’s Museum transformed for the Swatch launch party

Foto > San Rogê

Marco Maciel of the Oscar Niemeyer Foundation + Ana Lúcia Niemeyer (Oscar Niemeyer’s granddaughter)

Foto > San Rogê




In another post, I promoted H. Stern’s jewelry collection inspired by the work of Oscar Niemeyer.

I’m sure Stern’s prices are a bit, well, pricey. So, if you’re interested in all things Niemeyer, why not go down-market and by a plastic watch “inspired by” Oscar?

The Swiss watch brand Swatch has launched a collection of watches inspired by the sketches of architect Oscar Niemeyer, in commemoration of 50 years of Brasília. This is the first time that the brand has paid homage to a Brazilian. (Swatch has previously worked in partnership with Pedro Almodovar, Vivienne Westwood, Christian Lacroix, Franco Moschino, Kiki Picasso and Ted Scapa.)

This edition, literally “Traces of an Architect” or “An Architect’s Lines,” is limited to only 1500 units. Price: €43.

The watches are a bit tricky to find. If you’re interested, check out Colette’s website:


FIVB Press Release | Brasília 50th Anniversary Celebration Features “Giant” SWATC H

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