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… and the winner is:

Now, that our polls are automated, we can now show the world in a faster manner, how moronic Filipinos are. Philippine elections still boil down to who has more ignorant voters.

– BongV

I like fish!

«Vote! BLANCO 2010. I like fish! I heart pussy.»

Well, it’s silly season again in the Philippines. Billions and billions of are being thrown around in an effort to elect the “electables” in another round of electing the “presidentiables.”

Top news is that Imelda Marcos is off and running again, age 80+, for a Congressional seat. Scary stuff.

Her son, Bongbong, is running for the Senate, and the third part in the neoMarcos triumvirate, daughter Imee, wants to be Governor of Ilocos Norte, stronghold to the Marcos clan and key to their dynasty.

The sad truth is, a majority of Filipinos now say that life was better under martial law-era Marcos than it is today. These three will get elected.

Philippines Aquino

Imee and Bongbong Marcos pay their respects to former President Corazon Aquino, the woman who toppled their father in the so-called “People’s Power Revolution” of 1986, on the last day of Cory’s wake, 4 August 2009. At right is Bongbong’s wife, Liza.




The family’s arch-nemeses, the Cojuangco-Aquino clan, are also staging a comeback with son Benigno “Nonoy” Junior’s run for Presidency.

Outgoing (by law) President Gloria (“Feel the Progress”) Macapagal-Arroyo,

daughter of former president, Diosdado Macapagal,

File:Diosdado Macapagal USS Oklahoma City 1962 cropped.jpg

has had her fair share of years at the public trough and still wants to keep her nose in it; in a very un-graceful/un-statesmanlike move, she’s maneuvering to remain in Congress. One wonders what’s she’s got up her sleeve.

Top contender to replace her is the above-mentioned son of national martyrs (saints, really), Ninoy and Cory Aquino.

He’s a bachelor boy and balding. “Bad signs,” said one of our taxi drivers in Manila. “Who’s going to play the role of First Lady if he’s elected?” Nonoy’s the elite choice for President of the Republic. He was conscripted to run very shortly after his mom died and he’s been playing up the “emo” side of politricking ever since. He has consistently maintained his lead in the race, but as history has shown repeatedly (witness: electing Estrada), anything, and I mean anything, can happen in Pinoy politics.

Runner up Manny Villar

has a shady looking smile and portrays himself as an aspirational rags-to-riches Filipino success story. Or so it seems on the surface. He actually lied about his three-year-old brother’s death in order to court the poor vote. Icky stuff.

He has also been charged with changing a major infrastructure project, the C5 road extension, to benefit his significant land holdings. Mmm. More of the same old pork. Thank god for Winnie Monsod for telling it like it is.

GMANews.TV -  Winnie Monsod Blog

Running a, ahem, respectable third in this five-way race, is, ahem, former President Joseph “Erap” Estrada himself. Convicted thief and all around loser.

That he has the effing effrontery to run — and that he’s polling a respectable third in the “presidentiable” races — says a lot about something. One of the most shameful episodes in the totality of Filipino history was the election of this fraudster. Only in the Philippines.




The only real winner in this election will be Pinoy SuperBrand, Jollibee Foods Corporation:

The company’s draw is so powerful that Filipino politicians routinely buy Jollibee food to serve free at campaign events to attract prospective voters, typically adding a few percentage points onto the company’s sales during election years (the next is 2010).

Wall Street Journal:  Jollibee Captures Top Spot in Philippines: How Fast-Food Chain Fought Back Against McDonald’s and Plans to Expand Further Overseas




The country has some wonderful bloggers, full of passion and energy, using the Internet to unite this most un-unitable of countries.

The following collection of political campaign and (mostly) anti-campaign materials is my tribute to the political bloggers of the Philippines: here’s to their raising awareness and perhaps, just perhaps, bringing about a change to the cesspool that is politricks, no matter where on the planet we may live.





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