Ônibus para Brasília by = xAv = ().

Ônibus para Brasília:

People travelling hours and days with the destination: Brasília, a land synonymous with hope.

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It’s winter in Vancouver and it’s been raining a lot these days.

So, I’ve been feeling rather saudade (my favourite Portuguese word) for the beaches, people and (especially) architecture of Brazil. To paraphrase Billy Joel, “I’m in Rio de Janeiro State of Mind.”

The last time we were in Brazil we were still committed to analogue photography, so I have no personal photos of the country to share.

Instead, I’ve gone to my flickr account and created my first four galleries showcasing the talents of other photographers. My subject? Brazil and its architecture.

Here are the first four galleries (click on the thumbnails):

RIO DE JANEIRO Rio de Janeiro


OSCAR NIEMEYER 1 Oscar Niemeyer 1

OSCAR NIEMEYER 2 Oscar Niemeyer 2


Video sobre a construções de Brasília

BUILDING BRASÍLIA, ACCOMPANIED BY JOÃO GILBERTO’S “CHEGA DE SAUDADE” (there’s that word again; I think that a third of all bossa nova tunes have “saudade” somewhere in the lyrics!):

P.S. A little more about João Gilberto:

On our first visit to São Paulo in 2003 we were extremely keen on listening to some bossa nova in the country where it all began.

Reading a newspaper, we saw an ad announcing that João was inaugurating a new concert hall named “Tom Brasíl” after Antonio Carlos Jobim (unfortunately since renamed “HSBC Brasíl” — isn’t anything sacred?).

The inventor of bossa nova live! We couldn’t believe our luck.

Who better to launch this new venue than João?

Reinaldo Marques / Terra

We went online and got tickets for the first “public” performance (the previous night’s opening was for celebrities only).

The beautiful, just-completed, theatre was Vegas-style with tables and lots of drinking around them. We became “friends” with those at our table and after every song João sang, the beautiful folk at our table rabidly led the crowd in shouting “Chega de Saudade!”

Well, when Mr. Gilberto finally got to that tune as his encore, the entire auditorium exploded.

“Chega de Saudade” is arguably the most popular song in Brazil; it seems to strike a chord at the heart of many Brazilians.

“No More Blues.” What a perfect ending to an amazing performance. It was an unforgettable evening based on serendipity, as all good travels are.

Just thinking about that magical evening seems to make the rain outside my window disappear.

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