As you can see from the number of posts on designKULTUR about the Cultural Centre of the Philippines, this complex is an important one in my scheme of things urban. For my Cultural Center of the Philippines Suite I wanted a “beauty shot” that shouted: “this is an important building.” I wanted a great photo that would do the architecture justice and remind me of how it looked when I first saw it one evening in 2003.

Try as I might, I could not take a truly beautiful shot of the CCP main building (architect Leandro V. Loscin’s masterpiece) when I toured the site. The lighting was poor; the fountain was turned off and the reflecting pool water looked rather scummy.

So, I’ve been looking for a “beauty shot” of the Performing Arts Theatre and found this one. It’s courtesy of the Hong Kong office of  the Philippines Department of Tourism and makes a beautiful desktop image for your computer. Click on the top image to see it enlarged in all its glory.

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