Date of Issue: 1 April 1953

Designed by John Alexander Crosby

Picture engraved by Silas Robert Allen

Wildlife that was once so abundant to our fore fathers is being depleted at an alarming rate because of its lack of appreciation. It is the Department’s hope that the wildlife series of postage stamp issues will emphasize to all Canadians the importance of securing and restoring the wildlife resources of Canada, not only for their considerable economic value but also becaue they are a constant source of pleasure to thousands in every walk of life. The 2¢ postage stamp displaying a Polar Bear was designed by John Crosby, an artist of the National Museum of Canada, Ottawa.

– Canada Post Office Department. [Postage Stamp Press Release], 1953.

My one fetish (here I am, coming out of the closet) is … shopping bags. I’ve collected ’em for years: Mitsukoshi, esoteric European art fairs,Tesco/Lotus, Carrefour, Muji bags by the dozen —  if it’s a well designed bag, I’ve hoarded it.

So, the advent of the “green” revolution and its attendant renaissance in all things shopping bag, has been a real boon to bag hoarders around the world. One day I’ll have to trot my collection out, line ’em up and shoot them for posterity. At the very least, I’ll start a new blog category.

Meanwhile, today I was at my local PO and what should I see but this amazing retro bag on sale for the amazingly low price of ninety-nine cents. Combine it with my interest in things philatelic and it’s a no-brainer. And, proceeds go to charity. Who can resist?

And as I walked home, I thought about global warming and the plight of these magnificent creatures and found the above quote about vanishing wildlife. From the Canada Post Office Department in 1953.

Credit: Library and Archives Canada; Copyright: Canada Post Corporation

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